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Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department (HLVFD) is dedicated to serving Wood County Emergency Fire District #1 – including Holly Lake Ranch, Brookhaven Estates, Mineola Mail Rte. #1, and Hawkins Mail Rte. #2 – by providing residents with the best first-response fire, medical, and rescue services across 58 square miles



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Important Winter Fire Safety Tips

It is that time of year when the snowflakes fall and temperatures drop to a bitter low. During the winter months, we tend to spend more time at home with family.  What better way to protect your home and your loved ones than to make sure your home is proteted from any fire hazards. Follow these safety tips:

  • Have your furnace checked

    It is safer to hire a professional to come and inspect your furnace annually than it is to do it yourself. It is better to know when something is not working properly than to have it abruptly break down in the cold winter months when you need the heat the most.

  • Check your chimney and vents

    Fireplaces can produce creosote which has the capabilty of igniting. If you use your fireplace often, you most likely need an annual chimney inspection to mae sure there are no hazards capable of starting a fire. Use dry, seasoned wood which produces more flame with less smoke.

  • Test your smoke alarms

    You always want to double check that your batteries are fresh and will last you through the winter.
    Always place smoke alarms in the kitchen, bedrooms, and the laundry room.

  • Cover your fireplace with a screen

    Use either a metal screen or tempered glass to protect any sparks from leaving the fireplace. 
    Always make sure to keep kids and pets at least 3 feet away from a burning fireplace.

  • Beware of lit candles

    Candles can easily be knocked over by kids or pets. Only light candles when you are alert and able to watch them. Blow them out whenever you intend to leave the room.

  • Beware of space heaters

    These devices require a good amount of space to be used without any fire hazard. Like fireplaces, children and pets should not sit closer than 3 feet in front of a space heater. 
    Avoid placing space heaters near curtains, tablecloths or other flapping fabrics. Always make sure your space heater has an automatic shut off switch, which forces the heater to shut off as soon as it reaches a dangerously high heat level.

  • Be safe and stay healthy

Hook and Ladder

Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Second Tuesday of the month, 6:30 pm at the Fire Hall
Bring your favorite dish to share in a pot luck dinner. It's a great way to meet the firefighters and support your Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department.


Every Saturday night at 7:00 pm at the Fire Hall starting March 2, 2024
Doors open at 6:00 PM
Still only $2.00/board
Come early for a hot dog, chips, pickles, popcorn, drinks with ice cream, home-made cookies, cakes and pies for dessert.

Next Waffle Breakfast

Saturday, March 2, 2024
All you can eat waffles with all the toppings, sausage, coffee and orange juice.
Only $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids

Burn Ban

The burn ban for Wood County has been lifted but it is still very dry, be careful.