Holly Lake VFD

Homeowners Insurance Reduced Within 5 Miles of HLVFD Station

front pageThe Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department (HLVFD) was assigned a Property Protection Class (PPC) “5” that applies to all structures within 5 miles of the HLVFD station. This is a PPC that is usually reserved for fire departments that have access to a municipal water hydrant system with viable water hydrants at least every 1,000 feet. The HLVFD was able to demonstrate that they (and the neighboring automatic mutual aid fire departments) could meet the required water flow by using water tank trucks and approved dry hydrants and suction points on the local spring-fed lakes to refill the trucks in addition to the actual water hydrants available. front page old fleetThis results in an approved alternative water supply to provide water for structure fires and lower insurance rates. Make sure your insurance agent is aware of your PPC to get the best rate. This Letter from the State   confirming our PPC may be useful with your insurance company.

Fire Hall Rental

As a resident of the Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department service area, you may rent the fire hall for various organizations/activities. For specifics, check out the Rental Agreement . Contact the department if you have questions.


The Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department is funded by Wood County Emergency Service District No. 1 (ESD #1), federal grants, and public and private donations.